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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Local Natives

because I just remembered how excited I am about this.

Local Native's new album Hummingbird comes out on January 29, 2013 as if to say "happy new year! > here's an earful of infinite beauty". Yup, that's how excited I am.

The band's latest single came out in October and I've been jamming to it since. They just released the official music video yesterday – in case you missed it, here's "Breakers" assuring fans that they're purely capable of following up their seemingly irreplicable first full length album with something just as inventive.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deep Time

The framework of human existence has not heard a  sound quite like this experimental pop duo from Austin.

Photo © Kaden Shallat.
Deep Time is the creative production and ever changing personality of singer, guitarist, and organist Jennifer Moore and drummer Adam Jones. Their most recent self-titled album came out this past July on Hardly Art out of Seattle. Every song on the album offers a similarly mesmerizing beat that is almost annoyingly catchy but undeniably delightful.

// this. video. //

Thursday, September 27, 2012


sorry for the delay..
today i have a good one for you though, i promise!

Ultraísta is an indie electro pop project of producer Nigel Godrich, singer Laura Bettinson, and multi-instrumentalist Joey Waronker. The trio focuses their collaborative efforts on creating a sound that mirrors the creative potential of the conscious mind, putting emphasis on equivocal lyrics and sounds.

When choosing their name, they were looking for something that reflected their sound. Their name, Ultraísta is a reference to the early-20th century Spanish literary movement, ultraísmo which emphasized much of the same ideals they hoped would be reflected in their music.

The story of their name should be enough to capture your attention, now take a listen.

The bands first full length LP, Ultraísta, is set to be released on October 2nd. Until then, you can stream the album in it's entirety on NPR's First Listen:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Soil and the Sun

The Soil and the Sun is a very talented band from the beautiful Great Lakes State. Their style is a blend of strings, keys, drums and elegant vocals — a gorgeous natural sound that is rich in complexity without sounding too complex (you know?). If you enjoy indie rock with lavish instrumentation this band is one that you ought to take a listen to.

The band's 3rd studio album "What Wonder is this Universe!" just came out on August 20th.
Listen to it in it's entirety and then buy it (because I guarantee you'll want to) here!

Recently the band performed an outstanding audiotree session. Check it out:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Peter and Kerry

This London duo formed when Tape Club Records labelmates Kerry Leatham and Peter Lyons decided to collaborate on a six-track EP in 2011.

"Clothes, Friends, Photos EP" received quite a bit of buzz on blogs, radio stations and zines. This attention led the two to continue collaborating in an effort that would eventually produce the indie pop duo's first full length "La Trimouille" released on July 16th.

Mahogany Session:

First track off La Trimouille:


just when i thought they couldn't get better i found this cover of Amerie's "One Thing". taking me back...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ellie Goulding

After special ordering her album Bright Lights from the UK in 2010 it was quite clear that I had become addicted to Ellie Goulding's music. The first thing that caught my attention was her voice: light and delicate but still holding a course quality around the edges; it was unlike any voice I'd heard before. Even more unique is the amount of control she has over it. The second thing? her lyrics: intricately metaphorical while remaining personable and honest. Third thing, she is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. Plus, the girl is gorgeous.

From an acoustic folk background Ellie eventually found herself in the electronic pop genre after connecting and collaborating with electronic producers such as Starsmith who went on to help produce her debut album Lights that came out in the UK in March of 2010. After the release of her album Lights in the US in 2011, Ellie continued to tour in support of an album that was a year old back in the UK and her older fans had to await the release of her second studio album. Well, soon the wait will be over. Goulding just announced the October 9th release of her follow-up entitled Halcyon.


I've always appreciated the intimate quality of her stripped down acoustic sets. It's what got my attention to begin with and what continues to hold it.

Here are a few examples:

My favorite Ellie song performed mic-less:

"You can fall if you want to It's just a matter of how far. You've treasured your home town but you've forgotten where you are"

Kids These Days

my first thought: damn, kids these days are talented. my second: could i still be considered a kid?

Kids These Days is a group out of Chicago compiled of seven very unique talents that lend themselves to a sound that reaches a multi-genre audience. Their sound is a seemingly perfect mix of blues, rock, indie hip-hop, jazz and soul. I shot their set at Bunbury Music Festival this past month and was blown away! This group really has a sound like nothing I've ever heard before.

new K.flay


it's k.flay so I am predispositioned to like it. however, the sirens in the song make me kind of anxious for some reason. ironically, the track is titled "Rest Your Mind". guess, I'll just have to take the advice and listen again.

this video also makes me a bit uneasy...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

San Cisco

This West Australian indie rock band is well, awkward. In the good sense of the word?

But in all seriousness I dig their beachy vibes and playful twists on the average hooks.


watch and listen.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I had Daughter on a playlist somewhere a few years back, I believe it was their song "Landfill". I remember finding the song stuck in my head and eventually picked up my guitar to learn it. With every new track the London trio has put out since I feel the same poetry and beautiful intimacy that captivated me back then take hold once again.

Watch the watchlistentell session of their song "Medicine" and feel it for yourself:

and the amazing sessions performance of "Youth:

you must also listen to the fore mentioned —I like this raw video of a live performance a lot because you can really hear the sentiment in her delicate voice. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Album Releases

A double dose of electronic indie pop released today: woahhh.

Passion Pit//Gossamer

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the bands follow up album. It just seems to me that the framework is missing. Lead singer Michael Angelakos' captivatingly personal lyrics are just hidden behind sub-par sounds and his efforts to continue playing off his high pitched voice. The album is about half and half for me. But hey, I definitely think it's worth a listen.

That being said here is one of the songs that I do like:

Purity Ring//Shrines

Okay, so I already knew half the album as it is previously released songs and I've already raved about the consistency of the hits produced by this band. I can honestly say that after listening to the rest of the album I am still just as impressed with Purity Ring's ability to produce a hit every time. My favorite new track off the album:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Imagine Dragons

Fuse a little pop with some rock, electronic, and alternative sounds — that's all it takes to Imagine Dragons. I know, right? mind boggling.

To get the full experience take a listen to some tunes by the group out of Las Vegas.

The band released their latest EP Continued Silence this past Valentines Day. Since then the band has received increasing visibility after their single "It's Time" was used in the trailer for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".

Most recently, the boys are back in the studio working on their upcoming full length entitled Night Visions due out September 4th.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Ellie Goulding

a new Ellie track ft. Tinie Tempah...yup.


click the image ^ for a free download

Dirty Projectors

This indie rock band produced their first album all the way back in 2003 and since that time has shuffled through a total of 23 different members at different times; needless to say Dirty Projectors has been through many changes over the years but what remains the same is the consistency of their talent and creativity.

The band just released their 8th studio album Swing Lo Magellan yesterday!!
Listen below to the first single off the album "Gun Has No Trigger":

Also, check out the band's 2012 Record Store Day release  — a tune called "You Against The Larger World".

A little over 5 years ago, the band did A Take Away Show for LaBlogotheque. I love this video because it really displays that talent and creativity I was talking about earlier:

Monday, July 9, 2012


It's been a long time coming on this post...but this is a indie dream pop duo you wont want to miss out on. A bit dark and formidable, lead singer Aleksa Palladino's trembling voice wrestles with the honesty and intimacy of her own lyrics as husband Devon Church fills the space with echoing guitar parts, droning bass and synths.

The couple's debut album "Passage" was released May 22nd on Secretly Canadian and has gained some attention in the indie scene — even vogue did a write-up on the band; check it out here.

NPR also posted their album up for a First Listen and snagged them for a Tiny Desk Concert.
Take a look:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fear Of Men

Fear of Men offers a dreamy indie pop sound that sets the tone for a breezy summer. Basically sending good vibes all around and with a name like that —what's not to like?

The group is made up of two gals and two lads from London/Brighton, England who have been releasing demos on different labels since early 2011 and just released their newest EP "Green Sea" a couple days ago.

Fear of Men is currently supporting Best Coast on tour in the UK!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Rubblebucket is kind of like an onomatopoeia for the kind of music this band produces: everything mixed into one.
This band out of Brooklyn combines trumpet, sax, trombone, multiple percussion instruments, guitar, bass and vocals to create an ultra unique sound —mixing styles of indie, pop, dance, jazz, and funk.

The music alone is enough to keep you interested, but see one live performance and you just may be hooked.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Metric is an Canadian indie rock band that formed in Toronto in 1998. Needless to say they have been around the block and back again. Today marks the release of their fifth studio album entitled "Synthetica".

My thoughts? Leader singer Emily Haines continues to write the most intimately metaphorical lyrics that are perfectly placed upon beautiful piano parts. While seemingly flawless in their raw form these songs are all the more addicting in their electronic alternative state that the band sculpts them into.

Watch the music video for the single "Youth Without Youth":

 Also, check out the band's Mahogany Session including songs off their new album:


Friday, May 25, 2012

Purity Ring

So far, I have loved everything this Canadian electronic indie pop duo has produced. Purity Ring is a mix of hip-hop beats with indie synths and vocals.

Their first studio album "Shrines" is set to be released on July 24th, 2012 off Last Gang Records.
Until then, enjoy their first single off the album -"Obedear" and some of their other tracks:

The track that originally got me hooked:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Maccabees

The Maccabees are an indie rock group out of South London, England. Their most recent album Given to the Wild is killer; with songs full of echoing vocals, thick bass and trance-like synths — all adding to a dreamy vibe. I can't dream enough.

Watch the recently released video for their song "Went Away":

Also, take a listen to the BBC live lounge recording of their song "Child", one of my favorites off the album:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

new* fthrsn

fthrsn is out with a new track for the start of the summer; a light track with some heavy breathing. take a listen!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Of Monsters and Men

Been meaning to blog about these guys for a while; Of Monsters and Men is a six piece indie folk pop band all the way from Iceland. Their debut album My Head is An Animal released in the US on April 3rd, 2012 is nearly flawless. The cohesive blend of lead singers Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Raggi Þórhallsson soft voices gently lie across a stitching of acoustic threads that build up to create a more complex rock sound. The clarity of their vibrant lyrics and chants are sure to have you singing along.

Maybe you have already heard their first single "Little Talks", here's their performance of it on KEXP radio:

I 'love love love' this song:

Perhaps my favorite tune on the album is "Lakehouse"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elle King

Elle King is a 22-year-old indie acoustic folk singer who carries the soul of an 85-year-old man. That may seem like an odd statement to make of this bleach blonde blued eyed leather-jacket wearing badass type, but just one listen to her song "No One Can Save You" and you will fully understand the metaphor. King's lyrics scream an honesty that is only championed by her scratchy yet feminine voice. Every song I've heard by this girl seems uncomfortably personable, captivating my soul in the same way performing them seems to captivate her own.


King's song "Good to Be A Man" casts a dim light on King's background, growing up as a rebellious teen in New York City, her relationship with her comedian/actor father, and the lessons she learned along the way.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Passion Pit announces album release date

Passion Pit is an electronic pop band from Cambridge, MA comprised of singer songwriter keyboardist Michael Angelakos; keyboardist, guitarist Ian Hultquist; synthesizer, sampler Ayad Al Adhamy; bassist Jeff Apruzzese; and drummer Nate Donmoyer. These gentlemen produce a sound that may even outdo their extensive light show.

Passion Pit just announced the release of their upcoming album GOSSAMER, due out July 24th! After being blown away by Manners in 2009, I am looking forward to hearing what the boys have in store for us this time around!

Until then, enjoy an nontraditional performance of their well-known song Sleepyhead.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Subterranean Sounds Mixtape

In honor of Record Store Day, Subterranean Sounds offers you it's very first mixtape. Becoming Summer includes some warm yet breezy tracks to prepare you for the summer that is nearly upon us. Enjoy!

Becoming Summer from SubterraneanSounds on 8tracks.

Record Store Day 2012!

Happy Record Store Day music loving peers!
Today marks the 5th anniversary of the day created to celebrate the artful expression of music and to support independent record stores across the world! Make sure to hit up your local record store today — you may be able to snatch a limited edition vinyl/cd of your favorite artist or catch some live in store performances.

My personal list:

      ⦊ Of Monsters and Men Into the Woods EP (10" lp)

      ⦊Trans Records first two signings Now, Now and The Lonely Forest will be featured on a limited edition split EP. (7")


       ⦊I may snag this album as well, Tegan and Sara's recent live album Get Along in a limited edition white vinyl.

To view the official list of Record Store Day exclusive releases here!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dry The River

Dry the River is a folk rock band hailing from London. Their music is characteristic of typical folk fashion, with contemplative lyrics and slower tempo tunes only completed by high energy rock breakdowns. I dare you to keep from dancing...

DtR just released their debut album Shallow Beds in the US on April 17th. Be sure to listen to a few tracks below!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Now, Now

Now, Now is undoubtedly my new favorite band; an indie rock/alternative trio out of Minneapolis, MN made up of singer, guitarist, keyboardist Cacie Dalager (25), drummer Bradley Hale (25), and guitarist, singer Jess Abbott (20).

Now, Now @ the DAAC in Grand Rapids, MI April 07, 2012                      photo © Hélène Dryden

The band was formed after Dalager and Hale met in highschool marching band. Originally known as Now, Now Every Children but has since shortened their name in an attempt to embrace change over time.

Abbott moved from her home state of Maine to Minnesota in the summer of 2009 to join Dalager and Hale. From the sound of things, she seems to have complimented them flawlessly.

Last year, the group signed to Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla's newly formed Trans Records out of Seattle. Just this past March, the band released their latest album Threads which I have not stopped listening to since getting my hands on it less than a week ago.

Dalager's soft vocals and vulnerable lyrics are perfectly placed on top of droning synths, playful keys, complete with textured drum beats and guitar riffs.

I could go on forever, but as I find so often the music speaks for itself...

The band stopped by Michigan State University recently to play a set at 89fm The Impact, the student-run radio station. Check out their in-studio performance of "Separate Rooms":

Watch the official music video for "Dead Oaks":

Also, check out the band's live performance of "Thread" on the 89.3 The Current:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tanlines is an experimental indie pop duo out of Brooklyn, NY. Their first full length album Mixed Emotions was released on March 20, 2012. If you like dancing to feel good melodies this is the band for you.

The band's single Brothers is sweet and airy just the way Spring is supposed to feel:
Tanlines "Brothers" by tanlines

Also, a single from a while back that still gets me like the first time:
Tanlines - Real Life by endgueltig


SNOWMINE is a 5 piece indie rock band from Brooklyn full of ambient echos and unique arrangements of guitar, bass, keys, drums and synths. I dig them and I think you should too.

Download their full discography for FREE here!

Curfews by SNOWMINE

The Hill by SNOWMINE

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey Ocean!

Found out about this band through a friend from BC.

Hey Ocean! is a group made up of three talented musicians from Vancouver. Their style is distinct, drawing from multiple genres, the end product sounds something like a pleasant mix of pop and jazz with delicately laced vocals to top it off. They are like a breathe of fresh ocean air.

It's Easier to be Somebody Else by Hey Ocean!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's!

Artful English pop rock with the first day of April in mind...


The band Blur has been around for a few decades now and in that time they have produced some great songs, one of my favorites is their tune "Fool's Day":

Blur - Fool's Day by Ami Wu

Saturday, March 31, 2012


This past Monday I awoke to find a few strange men sleeping on my Coops living room couch. Turns out they were a group of musicians from California. Their tour manager is long time friends with one of my roommates and they needed a place to crash for a few nights while playing some shows nearby.

This talented group of young men go by From Indian Lakes, hailing from Yosemite Valley, California. Their style could be described as alternative rock full of refreshingly distinctive lyrics and creative change ups.

Besides being incredibly talented and good looking these guys are well-rounded, friendly, and compassionate individuals and I think that is reflected in the music they produce. Take a listen and decide for yourself:

A big thank you to lead singer Joey Vannucchi who took a minute to answer some questions I had for the group:

Q: How did a group of friendly, good looking, talented young gentlemen such as yourselves get together?
A: thank you! I started tracking some demos in the mountains and i needed musicians for shows eventually when it turned into a band situation. I grew up with Justin and Rick and we all played in different bands together so it worked out well. Chris was in a band we did a tour with and when we needed someone he was an obvious choice. Kyle is from Nashville and he came on for this tour.

Q: I love the simplicity of your band name — how did you go about choosing it?
A: originally I had titled the project songs from Indian lakes, but that's much too long for a band name. It's where I was recording songs at the beginning.

Q: How would you describe your genre/style of your music?
A: we are a rock band at heart I think. Sometimes a very quiet one, sometimes louder. Organic as possible.

Q: As I know, you guys are in full-on tour mode: What is your favorite thing about touring?
A: I love playing live. It's my favorite thing to do. Playing to different people every night and having a different experience with each crowd.

Least favorite thing?
A: It can be very unhealthy. When you are taking what you can get and trying not to spend money your food choices can really catch up with you.
Q: What do you want fans to get out of your music?
A: something real and organic. I believe in music as art and I hope ours can stir some emotion in people.

Q: What do you get out of your music?
A: I think it is a way to stay sane for me. I tend to be slightly introverted and awkward. I need some way to get it all out just like anyone else I think.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Kimbra Johnson is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter out of New Zealand. Her sound is loosely classified as jazzy multi-generational pop with a modern touch that is unlike any other artist I've heard; her lyrics are dangerously vulnerable making them unavoidably personable; her voice is strong, captivating, and highly versitile. What else can I say about this girl?

At the tender age of 12, the kiwi performed the national anthem before 27,000 people at the Auckland vs Waikato NPC rugby final. If that doesn't give you an idea of just how poised and talented this girl is maybe a listen to some of her tunes will.

Recently, Kimbra's vocals in Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" have been highly noted and don't get me wrong, that song is brilliant but there's just something about her originals that caught my ear a while back and continue to hold it...

Kimbra's debut album Vows was released this past fall in both New Zealand and Australia and is set to release in the US on May 22nd. If you like what you hear go get it!

To this day "Two Way Street" remains my favorite Kimbra song, and the Sing Song session my favorite version of it — the video shows a bit of her spunk too:

"Settle Down" at Sing Song Studios:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chet Faker

Chet Faker > Melbourne, Australia

Ambient echos of keyboards and layered vocals, there's just something about this song...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best Coast

In honor of the beautiful weather that we've been having in Michigan, and my inability to pay attention in my class right now because of it — I give you a band with sounds like your hand floating on air out your car window on a sun-filled summer day.

I know what you're thinking: that's what I need right NOW. I'm sure most of you have heard of them before, but Best Coast never really gets old. West coast Best Coast, is made up of two musicians based in LA: singer/songwriter and badass guitarist Bethany Cosentino and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno.

The duo's second studio album entitled "The Only Place" is due out May 15th. Until then check out the first single and title track:

The most epic set of my young adult life involved Best Coast playing in a downpour at Lollapalooza last summer... since that time I've kept my sights set on the next time they roll on by what I consider the best coast. (the midwest best)

Watch their 2011 Lolla set:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Young The Giant

First off, I apologize for it being so terribly long since my last post; I have been making some ridiculously exciting life plans in the past month that are just starting to come together (sorry this statement must stay a bit elusive or else I'd be writing a long drawn out thing that no one wants to read, kind of what this is becoming anyway..)

This post is dedicated to an incredibly talented group of musicians out of Irvine, California, Young the Giant. The indie-rock band released their first studio album in 2010 — claimed the 3rd best rock album of the year by and claimed the all time best by.. myself.

First off, lead singer Sameer Gadhia's vocals alone are beautifully addictive. Add the band's personable lyrics, incredibly upbeat and catchy sound and you have a seemingly perfect mix of rock and pop.

Young the Giant also had some of the coolest album artwork of 2010.
Wondering who designed it? I was too. So I did some research. All the designs were created by Invisible Creature, a design and illustration studio out of Seahurst, WA. Visit the site here and check out some of their other projects.

Before you go, watch the band's "In The Open Sessions" video of their song Every Little Thing.

I'll be at their show in Detroit on February 28th, anyone else?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

K. Flay 'Eye's Shut' EP

So excited to announce the release of K. Flay's newest EP 'Eyes Shut'. Flay's back with some sick new beats and humorous yet authentic lyrics.

Get it while it's hot (and free) here!

WAIT! Before you leave, check out the video for "We Hate Everyone":

Monday, January 16, 2012


remember when I told you i love Brits...

Foals is an indie rock band out of Oxford, England.
The more I listen the more the musicianship and creativity of this band amazes me.
Check out the bands live session at BBC Radio 6.

I'm looking forward to hearing some new tunes from these guys in 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Naked and Famous

because I just finished watching The Art of Flight and because I just really love this band...

The Naked and Famous are an indie rock band out of Auckland, New Zealand that formed (nakedly) in 2009. At that time they weren't exactly famous but have eventually lived up to their name. The kiwis received quite the buzz after the release of their first album Passive Me, Aggressive You in 2010.

Their song "Young Blood" captured most of the praise...understandably so:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lucy Rose

There's just something about a good Brit accent that get's me every time and Lucy Rose is no exception. Her bangs and petite frame do well to hide her big voice and quirky personality.

You may have unknowingly heard her voice on Bombay Bicycle Club albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix. (you can even catch a glimpse of her in the video for Shuffle in the BBC post below)

She may very well be the next big singer songwriter out of Britain, so I advise you take a listen.

Bombay Bicycle Club

I like bicycles and I like music and that's two whole reasons I like Bombay Bicycle Club. But there are more I promise...

BBC is an indie rock band out of London, who have quickly made their way unto the scene after releasing their first three albums in the past three years. Their most recent album A Different Kind of Fix has some songs on it that you simply need to hear. I can't wait to hear what this band has in store for us in 2012.

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by STEELSYNCH

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Remixes of 2011

Damn, it's already 2012?

So, since it's the new year I thought I would start it off right by recapping some of my favorite remixes from 2011. Check them out! Oh, and Happy New Year!

1. Rolling In the Deep (Deathstar Remix)
Something about this remix always seems to get me pumped for, well, pretty much anything.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix) by The Baroque Life

2. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) Almost anything Ellie Goulding related assures that I will love it, which means I've heard my share of Ellie remixes. But of all the "Lights" remixes out there, I think Bassnectar did it best.
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar

3.My Body (K.Flay Remix)
One of my favorite artists remixing another one of my favorite artists... how could it be anymore perfect?
My Body (K.Flay Remix) by Young the Giant

4. I'm God (Instrumental)
This song is a remix of the Imogen Heap song "Just for Now". There's just something about the trance-like quality of the song... I can't even explain but it's worth a listen.
Clams Casino - I'm God (instrumental) by all inc.

5. Summit (Aylen Remix)
It must be pretty difficult to remix a song that is already damn good but I'd say Aylen did an awesome job. (the most recently released mix on the list)
Skrillex Ft Ellie Goulding - Summit (Aylen Remix) by The Baroque Life