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Monday, August 13, 2012

Peter and Kerry

This London duo formed when Tape Club Records labelmates Kerry Leatham and Peter Lyons decided to collaborate on a six-track EP in 2011.

"Clothes, Friends, Photos EP" received quite a bit of buzz on blogs, radio stations and zines. This attention led the two to continue collaborating in an effort that would eventually produce the indie pop duo's first full length "La Trimouille" released on July 16th.

Mahogany Session:

First track off La Trimouille:


just when i thought they couldn't get better i found this cover of Amerie's "One Thing". taking me back...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ellie Goulding

After special ordering her album Bright Lights from the UK in 2010 it was quite clear that I had become addicted to Ellie Goulding's music. The first thing that caught my attention was her voice: light and delicate but still holding a course quality around the edges; it was unlike any voice I'd heard before. Even more unique is the amount of control she has over it. The second thing? her lyrics: intricately metaphorical while remaining personable and honest. Third thing, she is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. Plus, the girl is gorgeous.

From an acoustic folk background Ellie eventually found herself in the electronic pop genre after connecting and collaborating with electronic producers such as Starsmith who went on to help produce her debut album Lights that came out in the UK in March of 2010. After the release of her album Lights in the US in 2011, Ellie continued to tour in support of an album that was a year old back in the UK and her older fans had to await the release of her second studio album. Well, soon the wait will be over. Goulding just announced the October 9th release of her follow-up entitled Halcyon.


I've always appreciated the intimate quality of her stripped down acoustic sets. It's what got my attention to begin with and what continues to hold it.

Here are a few examples:

My favorite Ellie song performed mic-less:

"You can fall if you want to It's just a matter of how far. You've treasured your home town but you've forgotten where you are"

Kids These Days

my first thought: damn, kids these days are talented. my second: could i still be considered a kid?

Kids These Days is a group out of Chicago compiled of seven very unique talents that lend themselves to a sound that reaches a multi-genre audience. Their sound is a seemingly perfect mix of blues, rock, indie hip-hop, jazz and soul. I shot their set at Bunbury Music Festival this past month and was blown away! This group really has a sound like nothing I've ever heard before.

new K.flay


it's k.flay so I am predispositioned to like it. however, the sirens in the song make me kind of anxious for some reason. ironically, the track is titled "Rest Your Mind". guess, I'll just have to take the advice and listen again.

this video also makes me a bit uneasy...