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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Subterranean Sounds reaches 10,000 views!

After a long hiatus, I hopped on Sub Sounds to create this passed due post and was pleasantly surprised to find I have just reached 10,000 views! I want to simultaneously thank all of you and apologize for the lack of content from me in the past few months!

So, let's catch up shall we?
Here's a mix of some older, some newer, some more popular, and some less popular tunes.

Phantogram - Black Out Days
Phantogram released this track off of their recently released self-titled Ep. The Ep serves as a teaser for their upcoming album Voices due out February 18th. One listen and you'll understand why I'm so stoked for that full length.

Poliça - Vegas
A track off of Poliça's second album Shulamith, Vegas quickly became one of my favorites — highlighting the unique beats of this two drummer band.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me
Easily one of my favorite bands, Bombay Bicycle Club is set to release their 4th studio album So Long, See You Tomorrow on February 3rd. Carry Me, the first single to be released, offers a first listen to the more electronic direction the band has taken for this album. The video for the song was created in an interactive form that has been considered a piece of art in it's own right. You can play around with it yourself at carryme.tvView a previous Sub Sounds post on BBC.

K.Flay - Starfvcker
I know, I know. I just can't stop posting about K.Flay. Take a listen to this song off her latest Ep and you will understand.  View a previous Sub Sounds post on K.Flay.

The Blow - Make It Up
The Blow released their first new album out in seven years, creatively titled The Blow, back on the first of October. It had me at this first track.

Absofacto  - Möbius Strip (Thru My Fingers)
Absofacto is the solo work of Jonathan Visger (formerly of Mason Proper). Lyrically and electronically eloquent all at once. This is one of my favorites from the Michigan native.

Hop Along - Sister Cities
Raw and unfiltered, one listen to lead singer Frances Quinlan's vocals may be all you need to get hooked to this indie trio from Philadelphia.

Rubblebucket - Save Charlie
This past summer, Rubblebucket lead singer Kalmia Traver was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Almost without hesitation Kalmia and the rest of the band decided to keep touring through the fall and even released an Ep entitled Save Charlie. The title track is a dancey one...
Kalmia has since completed her chemo and is doing well. The band looks to begin recording their sophomore album in January and February of this coming year. View a previous Sub Sounds post on Rubblebucket.

Lorde - Buzzcut Season
We all love Lorde...give it up.

Sombear - Love You In the Dark
Sombear is the solo project of Now, Now drummer Bradley Hale. While his electronic r&b style sounds nearly nothing like his dark indie rock band, Hale has found a sound of his own that is quite catchy and still a bit 'dark'.

Haim - Forever
Three jewish sisters from Southern California make up what has quickly become one of my favorite bands of 2013. While their music has been compared to bands from the past such as Fleetwood Mac and 80's and 90's pop groups alike, their sound could not have been created but in the 2010's. It's so ridiculously catchy and fun, I bet you, your mother, and your grandmother could all enjoy.