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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

K. Flay 'Eye's Shut' EP

So excited to announce the release of K. Flay's newest EP 'Eyes Shut'. Flay's back with some sick new beats and humorous yet authentic lyrics.

Get it while it's hot (and free) here!

WAIT! Before you leave, check out the video for "We Hate Everyone":

Monday, January 16, 2012


remember when I told you i love Brits...

Foals is an indie rock band out of Oxford, England.
The more I listen the more the musicianship and creativity of this band amazes me.
Check out the bands live session at BBC Radio 6.

I'm looking forward to hearing some new tunes from these guys in 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Naked and Famous

because I just finished watching The Art of Flight and because I just really love this band...

The Naked and Famous are an indie rock band out of Auckland, New Zealand that formed (nakedly) in 2009. At that time they weren't exactly famous but have eventually lived up to their name. The kiwis received quite the buzz after the release of their first album Passive Me, Aggressive You in 2010.

Their song "Young Blood" captured most of the praise...understandably so:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lucy Rose

There's just something about a good Brit accent that get's me every time and Lucy Rose is no exception. Her bangs and petite frame do well to hide her big voice and quirky personality.

You may have unknowingly heard her voice on Bombay Bicycle Club albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix. (you can even catch a glimpse of her in the video for Shuffle in the BBC post below)

She may very well be the next big singer songwriter out of Britain, so I advise you take a listen.

Bombay Bicycle Club

I like bicycles and I like music and that's two whole reasons I like Bombay Bicycle Club. But there are more I promise...

BBC is an indie rock band out of London, who have quickly made their way unto the scene after releasing their first three albums in the past three years. Their most recent album A Different Kind of Fix has some songs on it that you simply need to hear. I can't wait to hear what this band has in store for us in 2012.

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by STEELSYNCH

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Remixes of 2011

Damn, it's already 2012?

So, since it's the new year I thought I would start it off right by recapping some of my favorite remixes from 2011. Check them out! Oh, and Happy New Year!

1. Rolling In the Deep (Deathstar Remix)
Something about this remix always seems to get me pumped for, well, pretty much anything.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix) by The Baroque Life

2. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) Almost anything Ellie Goulding related assures that I will love it, which means I've heard my share of Ellie remixes. But of all the "Lights" remixes out there, I think Bassnectar did it best.
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar

3.My Body (K.Flay Remix)
One of my favorite artists remixing another one of my favorite artists... how could it be anymore perfect?
My Body (K.Flay Remix) by Young the Giant

4. I'm God (Instrumental)
This song is a remix of the Imogen Heap song "Just for Now". There's just something about the trance-like quality of the song... I can't even explain but it's worth a listen.
Clams Casino - I'm God (instrumental) by all inc.

5. Summit (Aylen Remix)
It must be pretty difficult to remix a song that is already damn good but I'd say Aylen did an awesome job. (the most recently released mix on the list)
Skrillex Ft Ellie Goulding - Summit (Aylen Remix) by The Baroque Life