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Monday, October 31, 2011

What Would You Do?

People are going crazy over this cover, including myself.
Even if you disliked the original, this version might just end up being your guilty pleasure.

It's BASTILLE's cover of "What Would You Do?" originally by City High.

What Would You Do? (City High Cover) by BASTILLE

Click the arrow on the right side of the player for a FREE download!

BASTILLE's upcoming EP "Laura Palmer" is set to be released on November 14th. To preview the tracks beforehand head to

Oh, and for old-time's sake...

The Black Keys

Here is The Black Keys newest single "Lonely Boys" off there upcoming album El Camino set to be released on December 6th.

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap began work on her fourth solo album last March. This time around Heap has been releasing a song every 3 months in hopes to release an album in roughly three years. Tracks off the album are heavily fan inspired, integrating multimedia created by fans themselves into her work.

So far Heap has released 5 songs:

Lifeline (released March 28th)
Imogen Heap - Lifeline

Propeller Seeds (released July 17th)
Imogen Heap - Propeller Seeds

Neglected Space (released October 16th)
Imogen Heap - Neglected Space

Minds Without Fear ft. Vishal-Shekhar (also released October 16th)
Imogen Heap - Minds Without Fear ft. Vishal-Shekhar

Xizi She Knows (released February 3rd)
Imogen Heap - Xizi She Knows

Watch the video for "Xizi She Knows".
The video was shot in Hangzhou, China during Imogen's six week residency there.

To learn more about what went into each song visit

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow

This Irish fellow is one of awe. After hearing his first single "If I Had A Boat", I was instantly hooked; snagged his album and have been listening to it non-stop since. His soothing vocals might just seize your soul as well.

The music video for his newest single "We Don't Eat" was released yesterday.
Check it out.

Also, watch his full acoustic set for NPR:

Sunday, October 9, 2011


fthrsn (Macklin "Mackie" Underdown) is a musician/producer out of Ann Arbor, MI where he currently studies performing art technology at the University of Michigan. His pop/indie sound is so distinct it is difficult to compare him to any other artist.

fthrsn released his EP "Hysteria" this past Wednesday, October 5th

Have a listen:

hysteria by fthrsn

Download a free copy of Hysteria here.

Get to know fthrsn:

Q: how did you get into music?
i started playing bass and guitar at age 12. it was a natural thing
for me, something i would be practicing constantly. i remember sitting in my room learning how to play an entire album on one instrument by ear; it really helped train my ear, which is one of my most valuable
traits musically. my brother-in-law showed me pro tools and reason at
15, and since then i’ve been doing computer music production. it’s
crazy to listen to old songs i made in reason and see where i’m at
today... it’s a humbling, funny experience, and i’m so glad my hard
work has paid off in its way.

Q: You have an artistic background; how did that influence your creativity?
tying into my musical background, my mom is an artist and art
professor, so i grew up seeing her process and all of her artwork on
every wall in my house
. it’s great having her to talk to about art,
the artistic process, the challenges of making art as opposed to
making a living, etc. because she has been experiencing that since she
was younger than i am. this has really helped me get a better grasp of
what art is in general, and this certainly applies to my approach to
making music.

Q: how you describe your genre/style of your music?
i’ve never been good at describing my sound in a genre sense, but my
friend cory (kohwi) probably gave me the best term for the fthrsn
sound: lofi crooning
, namely in response to “nothing’s the matter”. i
combine a lot of influences (motown, 50s/60s pop, phil spector, dale
earnhardt jr. jr., all of my musical peers here in ann arbor, and
more) into my sound, and i feel this project is the result of that.
Q: why "fthrsn"?
tom "the makeout king" auty and i were at a party discussing the internet music culture we're involved with. i was talking about my frustrations with new music i was hearing and some other stuff and decided i would change my online identity based on the first thing i saw in the living room of this house. boom: the words father son on a poster. being like every other band, i dropped all the vowels and made it one word. it was intended to be sarcastic, but now i'm just a sarcastic asshole wannabe

Q: what do you want fans to get out of your music?
i just want people to hear the tunes and hope that they’ll get stuck
in their heads.
i love catchy pop tunes, so this is my way of adding
to that very broad area of music.

Q: what you get out of your music?
making music is a way for me to explore, create, and just do something
that i love.
the great thing about having a moniker like fthrsn is
that i can be someone i’m not, even though fthrsn is very much who i
am, you know?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Florence + the Machine released the first single off her upcoming album Ceremonials yesterday. It is entitled "Shake it Out", and it is everything you could expect from this amazingly talented lady:

Also, here is another one of her new songs, "What the Water Gave Me":

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, last October I heard this lady open up for Passion Pit at Michigan State University and since then I have been hooked. A few listens and you will be too...

K. Flay (Kristine Flaherty) is a hip-hop artist and producer originally out of Chicago and most recently San Francisco where she graduated from Stanford University with a dual degree in psychology and sociology. It is there that she developed a passion for creating beats and layering loops. Not long after finding her musical flair she was sharing the stage with major names such as Snoop Dogg, Passion Pit, and 3OH!3. Her refreshing style is only matched by her fluid, intellectual, and rather introspective lyrics. Plus, the girl's got the personality to back it all up.

Head to for a free download of her mixtape "I Stopped Caring in '96". < it's a good life choice.